Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System:

You can add an unlimited number of employees, the salary system, advances, powers, vacations, and others..

  • Preparing the administrative structure in the facility.
  • Maintaining employee data and information and maintaining their records.
  • Entering entitlements and keeping a record of the movement of employees' wages.
  • Entering advances and deductions and following up on their payment automatically with the movement of salaries.
  • Enter the qualifications and experience of the employees.
  • Various and detailed reports of employee data.
  • Statistical reports on the number and percentage of employees.
  • Entering and saving data and images of employee documents.
  • Recording all types of employee leave (annual, sick, emergency, etc.).
  • Knowing the dates of entitlement to vacations < and the dates of their return.
  • Calculation of employee entitlements, vacations and travel tickets.
  • Calculating the end of service gratuity according to the labor office system.
  • Calculation of social insurance.
  • Print detailed data for each employee.
  • Preparing and processing letters and forms for the facility.
  • Entering official data and documents of the establishment and prior warning of its powers.
  • Entering and processing employee salaries.Calculation of delay and absence from work.
  • Payroll reports and payrolls by departments and by sections.
  • Statistical reports and graphs of monthly salary movement.
  • Extracting employee salaries to the bank and transferring them to Excel.
  • Print payroll receipts for employees.
  • Evaluating employees and linking the foundations of evaluation to jobs.
  • The possibility of entering the overtime outside the salaries with detailed and summarized reports.
  • A special screen for making and controlling system settings and basic system files.