Shuaa Accounting System

Shuaa Electronic Accounting System

An integrated cloud accounting system approved by the Zakat, Income and Customs Authority for electronic invoicing and value added tax as one of the smart business solutions that allow the business owner to follow up on all accounting and administrative operations and inventory management from anywhere and at any time.

System services:

Financial Accounting: Tracking the movement of accounts, entries, and bonds from debit and credit operations, opening and closing balances, as well as budgets.

Features of the accounting system:

  •  It contains an easy-to-use chart of accounts consisting of ten accounting levels and quick links to the account statement.
  • Ease of entering bills and bonds of all kinds and ease of dealing with them.
  • Ease and speed of extracting the trial balance, income statement and balance sheet at any time and without the need for deportation.
  • It includes a large and complete set of general and detailed accounting reports.
  • The ability to easily access the account statement of any customer or any account.
  • The possibility of closing the current fiscal year with complete ease, with the possibility of opening a new fiscal year before closing the previous year.
  • It contains cost centers to be used in contracting projects, branches or departments.
  • Provides the ability to control the confidentiality of accounts and manage the functions of users.
  • Supports value added VAT.
  • Electronic invoices approved by the Zakat Authority.