Web applications

Availability of SDS for its customers design and development of Internet sites of all kinds and for different activities, service, and develops interactive software for Internet users, according to the studies developed and the needs of the owner of the site, so our services are varied to fixed content sites design, programming e-commerce applications, content management applications such as news sites , customer service applications, etc ....

We aim to establish a stable and Outidh relationships with our customers based on mutual trust to provide the best design solutions. We understand that our success is linked to the satisfaction of our customers, so, your success is our concern ..

Design Services

SDS include qualification of the owners of a cadre of expertise in the field of multimedia work for all forms of design professionally starting from web design to design presentations for companies and institutions.
 And in order to ensure customer satisfaction, the team formation and provide customer satisfaction is to provide more than one model strategy (older models) for the client so that he can choose one of them and then try to complete the model chosen.

List of our services in this area:

    Design and database programming.
    New sites and re-design of existing web design.
    Logo Design .
    Photography .
    Image Processing
    Realistic depiction dimensional -Virtual tours.
    Three-dimensional designs.
    Editing work on the videos.
    Kinetics designs - Flash.
    E-Marketing and management of marketing campaigns on the Internet.
    E-commerce and credit card payments applications.
    The protection of sites of penetration.

Presented this type of software the following features:

- Independent work environment), this type of software - works regardless of the user's operating system)
 -Do Not need installation Installation operations on users' computers.
- Not having to make any special settings on users' computers.
- WFP operations are easily updated without the need for any action by the user.
- Access and use this type of software anywhere.
- The possibility of using the program around the clock 24/7.
- Centralized data, which are safer and easier to backup operations.
- The possibility of carrying out remote maintenance without the need to be in place.
- Low cost compared to traditional software.

Divided executed sites in the SDS into three sections in terms of the nature of the website: -

-moaqa Statistics Simple Websites.
- Content Management Systems (CMS) Content Management System.
- E-commerce E-Commerce Solutions systems.


SDS is considered one of the leading Saudi companies in the delivery systems of city life cycle management solutions (CLM), through the utilization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Modeling Systems (BIM) systems and facilities management (FM).

And systems solutions

We provide integrated solutions present to your systems, we have the ability with God's help to adapt your existing system to enable you to add new features to your system, such as adding the possibility of the deployment of some of the contents of the online system to allow some participation of your data in a safe manner, or provide the possibility of specific data and information from the last to the transfer system your system via the internet a safe and effective manner.
If you want to share some of the individuals or companies or branches of some of the information with a result of the different operating systems in the new network connectivity difficulties, we can provide you with a safe solution according to your needs, where the first start studying your current system and evaluated with the study of future needs and then we can determine how to work together to achieve the goal
We use several languages ​​for programming to achieve our goal as follows, for example: -
     VB.NET 2008
    Java language
    The language C ++.
- In addition to the use of several databases:
    Microsoft SQL Server
In addition to our ability to work on several different operating systems such as Windows and Linux and Unix systems AJX.


The compact of the most effective methods used in the marketing of products and services cylinders, including those related means attractive Acquires eyes and heard the heart of where audiences are incorporated sound effects with texts and video to ensure the strength of the effect on consumers in the presentations

Some studies have shown that: -

    90% of PC owners are running their servers cylinder laser.
    90% allocated to the cylinders for laser performances are viewed by the recipients.
    64% of them see it more than once, at least.
    85% of the cylinders are distributed seen in the same day of receipt.
    Remember ratio cylinder and content to the viewer up to 50% in light of the availability of video.
The CDs of the latest tools in the field of marketing where advertising enables you to achieve your goals easily and conveniently through the effective impact on the decision-makers as easily will be able to remember your products and services from the rest of the traditional competitors.
The SDS has the skills and potential of several that could be employed to serve you, we can transform your site or foliar Katlodgk to a CD, and we can market your new product effectively or subtract the electronic magazine on the cylinders in a short time.
We have extensive experience in the use of several effective technology in the implementation of CDs including overseeing your company in front of your customers and your competitors, we use possibilities such as: -
    Photo-realistic Virtual Tours.
    Three-dimensional images.
    Cartoon images.
    the video .
We use Macromedia Director software, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia FreeHand, 3D Studio MAX, AutoCAD, Video & audio Editing Software.


SDS offers installation of networks to their customers along with technical service solutions, where he always interconnect solutions through the Internet or internal networks, so we offer connecting external and internal networking service (Internet / Intranet) as follows:
    Connect the internal LAN networking service.
    Building a company's internal servers to host the internal Intranet applications.
    Build applications running on the internal network.
    Connecting external networks between several branches.
    Connect the network with the Internet to provide the necessary protection.
    Building protected networks for important operations.
We work with several operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix)
We use several different databases according to the needs of the system
    MS SQL Server.


SDS provides technical consultancy service to its clients for the development of competitive potential, Fmellna not need to build a specialized department in the IT and what it means from a high cost to simply implement some businesses an easy and non-permanent, therefore, our consulting services are focused on finding practical solutions to Amlainta in order to increase their competitiveness and take advantage of technological advantages at a low cost.

Design marketing and strategic plans to improve the company's technology and access to targeted customers easily and conveniently through the design and implementation of campaigns propaganda electronically and through the design of CDs for your products and Obina your mail in a manner aimed at customers and Oclaik and provide them with technical solutions to facilitate and develop your business.

E-marketing, we provide many electronic services ranging from web design, hosting, added in the search engines, e-marketing online, marketing by embedded media, and we can also provide advertising campaigns services in magazines and newspapers rotating with the help of our partners Media immediately Today, including help new companies to grow strongly in the competitive steps, so we can limit our field in the following:
    Design and implementation of advertising campaigns.
    Improve online rankings for your site.
    Ba your business systems analysis ensures find new marketing solutions.
    The development of e-marketing plans.
    Online marketing.
    Develop Katlodgk mail.
    And more ..
Note: our marketing plans include the Middle East.

Software development

Service SDS Advisory software development aimed at improving the internal labor regulations applicable to companies and improve the productivity of individuals within the institutions using the latest methods applied in the field of information technology and after a thorough study of the systems of internal work and study proposals for improvements and how it is done, so for optimal performance and to facilitate the flow of information between various departments at a time timely and appropriate cost, which is beneficial to your customers through the performance and speed of response which increases the competitive abilities against competitors of similar companies.

Through the stages of the development of the internal systems we are always put before our eyes how to increase work efficiency and how you achieve your goals in a short time, where we are. We do not provide all the electronic solutions service and implementation but go beyond it takes you to a new generation of developers' and the effectiveness and efficiency with the latest technology applied in global markets.

Domains and Hosting

Domain Service Domains
SDS has a group of skilled analysts owners taste in the choice of names and hacker fight to protect domain Domains customers from theft and tampering.

And include booking bands on two branches
1. Domestic (sa) and have to companies, institutions and presence of commercial registration in effect would have been booked scale of the company or institution
2. International (com, net, edu, org, mil ....) And are booking within 24 hours with the beginning of the activation page.
Provides SDS Internet hosting services through high-quality servers network created by a team skilled and competent, we have been building a network to host the Internet sites in SDS according to the highest quality and safety standards, are backed up daily, monthly and weekly to ensure the strongest service and convenience to the customer.