• Consulting

    SDS provides technical consultancy service to its clients for the development of competitive potential, Fmellna not need to build a specialized department in the IT and what it means from a high cost to simply implement some businesses an easy and non-permanent, therefore, our consulting services are focused on finding practical solutions to Amlainta in order to increase their competitiveness and take advantage of technological advantages at a low cost.

    Design marketing and strategic plans to improve the company's technology and access to targeted customers easily and conveniently through the design and implementation of campaigns propaganda electronically and through the design of CDs for your products and Obina your mail in a manner aimed at customers and Oclaik and provide them with technical solutions to facilitate and develop your business.

    E-marketing, we provide many electronic services ranging from web design, hosting, added in the search engines, e-marketing online, marketing by embedded media, and we can also provide advertising campaigns services in magazines and newspapers rotating with the help of our partners Media immediately Today, including help new companies to grow strongly in the competitive steps, so we can limit our field in the following:

    •     Design and implementation of advertising campaigns.
    •     Improve online rankings for your site.
    •     Ba your business systems analysis ensures find new marketing solutions.
    •     The development of e-marketing plans.
    •     Online marketing.
    •     Develop mail.

    Note: our marketing plans include the Middle East.

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