• Software development

    Service SDS Advisory software development aimed at improving the internal labor regulations applicable to companies and improve the productivity of individuals within the institutions using the latest methods applied in the field of information technology and after a thorough study of the systems of internal work and study proposals for improvements and how it is done, so for optimal performance and to facilitate the flow of information between various departments at a time timely and appropriate cost, which is beneficial to your customers through the performance and speed of response which increases the competitive abilities against competitors of similar companies.

    Through the stages of the development of the internal systems we are always put before our eyes how to increase work efficiency and how you achieve your goals in a short time, where we are. We do not provide all the electronic solutions service and implementation but go beyond it takes you to a new generation of developers' and the effectiveness and efficiency with the latest technology applied in global markets.

  • Multimedia

    The compact of the most effective methods used in the marketing of products and services cylinders, including those related means attractive Acquires eyes and heard the heart of where audiences are incorporated sound effects with texts and video to ensure the strength of the effect on consumers in the presentations

    Some studies have shown that: -

    •     90% of PC owners are running their servers cylinder laser.
    •     90% allocated to the cylinders for laser performances are viewed by the recipients.
    •     64% of them see it more than once, at least.
    •     85% of the cylinders are distributed seen in the same day of receipt.
    •     Remember ratio cylinder and content to the viewer up to 50% in light of the availability of video.

    The CDs of the latest tools in the field of marketing where advertising enables you to achieve your goals easily and conveniently through the effective impact on the decision-makers as easily will be able to remember your products and services from the rest of the traditional competitors.

    The SDS has the skills and potential of several that could be employed to serve you, we can transform your site or foliar Katlodgk to a CD, and we can market your new product effectively or subtract the electronic magazine on the cylinders in a short time.

    We have extensive experience in the use of several effective technology in the implementation of CDs including overseeing your company in front of your customers and your competitors, we use possibilities such as: -

    •     Flash.
    •     Photo-realistic Virtual Tours.
    •     Three-dimensional images.
    •     Cartoon images.
    •     the video .

    We use Macromedia Director software, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia FreeHand, 3D Studio MAX, AutoCAD, Video & audio Editing Software.

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